The Different Types of SEO and What They Mean for Your Business
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Nov 23

The Different Types of SEO and What They Mean for Your Business

If you are already searching for types of SEO”s then I am assuming you already know the basics of SEO and understand its functionality. 

If not, let me tell you in just a few words here. SEO is simply the process of making your content easily accessible and apparent to the search engine algorithm. 

And what happened with that?

Yes, you have guessed it correctly your website and products appear on high rankings or on the first SERP. 

However, there are key factors that affect the working of an algorithm and help the search engine find your content. If you want to know more about it in detail click here.

To ensure that your content ranks well you need to first understand the different levels of optimization that can help greatly in search engine results.

Understanding SEO : A Beginners Guide

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What is SEO?

Types of SEO
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Google is a search engine whenever someone searches for something on google it gives them information based on the query. Now the question is how these results appear. Who gives the answers to all our queries? 

Search engine algorithms and bots search the entire web to find the most suitable and well-structured pieces of content that match the queries and rank them according to their relevance. This is how rankings work.

So optimizing a piece of content simply means making it search-friendly and unique so that algorithms can find it and rank it higher whenever your audience is searching for it. 

Ok well, it’s a great thing. Now, what else? 

The benefits of SEO

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Now that you are aware of the functionality of SEO. Let’s have a look at numerous SEO benefits:

  • SEO helps you reach a wider audience that can benefit you in more engagement, more sales, and opening up more opportunities for marketing and business growth.
  • SEO helps you gain the trust of the audience. When your site appears on the first page of SERP it helps you create credibility and stands as a symbol of trust as we all know that search engines prefer the quality of content first.
  • It supports your content marketing campaigns. The only thing to manage is that you have to keep your content updated.
  • Once your content is well structured according to SEO it keeps generating sales views and engagement. 

Types of SEO

There are three kinds of SEOs and they are the following. Let’s have a look here  to understand them in more detail: 

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is simply the practice of optimizing your content in the best way possible. It comprises optimizing title tags, internal links, HTML code, URL, images, and any other on-page elements which help in improving ranking and enhancing user experience. An effective on-page SEO requires a few things:

  • Writing clear content.
  • Including relevant keywords.
  • Using HTML tags
  • Reducing the image size or alt images
  • Structure the content and URLs to make them search friendly
  • Adding relevant references and removing broken links.

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Off-Page SEO

After doing an effective on-page SEO your most crucial step is taking measures that can build backlinks and spread awareness. In other words, off-page SEO comprises all practices that you do outside your website to improve SERP which includes:

  • Guest posting
  • Review writing
  • Social networking
  • Forum Posting etc.

Technical SEO

Crawling and indexing are two crucial factors when it comes to SEO and that is exactly what technical SEO is about. When you improve technical stuff such as improving links, alt tags meta descriptions, and HTTPS it is called technical SEO. 

It also improves the mobile visibility of your site and helps you identify any errors that are stopping your site from getting high rankings.

Voice Search SEO

With the rise and popularity of voice assistants, devices such as Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and more are getting popular too. 

It requires optimizing your content according to the verbal language, phrases, and slang of your target audience. Voice search requires mainly the right keywords used verbally.

In addition to these categories there are other Types of SEO aswell.

Additional Types of SEO 

Search engine optimization
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Local SEO

Local SEO as the name suggests is an effective method for local businesses. It helps them appear higher in local search results so that they get more local visibility and recognition. 

Registering your business with Google my business can be an essential step here you can add a physical address, contact info, and opening hours. It will help your customers find all the relevant info they could possibly look for under one click. 

Make sure to add genuine photos and get genuine feedback that can also boost your business in local search results.

International SEO

When you have a business that attracts only clients from abroad then you have to optimize it accordingly. You need to use their language, slang, and phrases to ensure you appear in search results. 

You also need to add currency and time according to your target audience. That is what makes your business suitable for your international audience.

Mobile SEO

The number of mobile users around the world is much larger than desktop users making it more likely that they search using smartphones. 

According to Datareportal,  the number of mobile users around the world has surpassed the number of 5.2 billion which makes it nearly impossible to ignore optimizing your content or website for an excellent mobile experience. 

So, the practices you do to make your website mobile-friendly are called mobile SEO.

E-Commerce SEO

Working and optimizing an e-commerce website can be troublesome for most owners. The reason for that is it comprises thousands of pages which requires optimization. 

The most crucial step is to optimize the homepage and category pages first and then move on to each product page, making sure to optimize product pages with the exact keyword terms. 

Promoting your products on social media platforms also works best for e-commerce businesses.

Youtube SEO

Youtube optimization is required for people who are creators on Youtube. It is done in an exact manner as a website page you need to optimize the title description and much more that can help youtube search engines to find the relevant video for a specific keyword. 

It also comprises getting links to your video, getting other people to embed it in their blog posts, and encouraging comments and discussion.

Different Types of SEO practices

search engine
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What we have learned so far are all types of SEOs that we should practice according to different search engines and audiences. 

Now we are going to look at the different practices that people do to attain these types to the fullest. These practices are divided into three types based on the ethical and unethical ways of doing SEO. Here are three types of it:

Black hat SEO

Building links, spamming, keyword stuffing, buying backlinks, including plagiarized content, and hidden links are all practices that manipulate search engine results to appear higher in results, it is called Black hat SEO. 

We can say that these things can improve traffic in the short term but in return, you lose credibility and eventually get banned by the search engine guidelines as it is a clear violation of search engine guidelines.

These days a lot of people create backlinks using artificial intelligence instead of creating genuine content which results in poor site ranking.

White hat SEO

The most credible genuine toughest way of getting organic traffic is white hat SEO. It comprises doing an SEO without tricking or violating any rule of search engine platform guidelines and only using best ethical practices. 

It surely takes time to organically improve SEO but once it is done properly it helps you earn big profits and create credibility among your audience. 

Gray hat SEO

Just like the name suggests, improving a website’s ranking by practices that are not completely unethical and neither are ethical. Usually, it happens when a search engine does not really have a clear instance of these practices called gray hat SEO.

Buying fake reviews, using clickbait, or adding content that is AI written are all gray-hat SEO practices. By using these practices your page might not get banned but the genuine content or white hat SEO practices can always beat your website in search engine results.

As google algorithms and bots prioritize genuine and well-structured content it is necessary to only practice white hat SEO practices. 

Some businesses in their initial phase use gray-and-white hat practices which can work to some extent but only relying on gray-hat SEO is worthless and a waste of time and effort. 


Now that we have taken a deep dive into SEO it’s clear that understanding SEO is really important before planning your SEO strategy and choosing best practices to avoid any mishap. 

If this is helpful, kindly let us know in the comment section and keep reading upcoming articles on related topics.

Understanding SEO : A Beginners Guide

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