Don’t skip Thanksgiving this winter: A few reasons why?
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Nov 28

Don’t skip Thanksgiving this winter: A few reasons why?

Thanksgiving is around the corner and most of us are pumped up for the celebration but wait…. 

Are you the one who is not going home in the mood because of work?

Then let me tell you don’t skip Thanksgiving this year if you don’t want to regret it later. 

Today, we are going to tell you 10 interesting facts about thanksgiving that can make you instantly all pumped for the festival. 

But before jumping on that let’s have a quick look at its origin.

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What is Thanksgiving and how it has started?

Don't Skip Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving has a rich past and interesting facts related to it. The First Thanksgiving which was celebrated in 1621 consistently cited as the origin of Thanksgiving in the United States.

It was first celebrated by the European pilgrims to show their gratitude to God upon the arrival of the good harvesting season. 

After this, many other countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria followed this tradition. In 1789, Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday.

 Now enough with the history let’s move on to the interesting facts.

How is it celebrated?

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On this day people prepare a big feast and usually invite close family members, neighbors, and friends to eat, laugh, and enjoy together. 

Undoubtedly, Turkey remains the center of feasts and sometimes thanksgiving also called Turkey Day. It is estimated that between 85-91% of people prefer Turkey on their thanksgiving day.

Some people also celebrate it with religious sentiments and do group prayers and special prayers before meals. While others attend thanksgiving day parades and play football to make the day even more memorable.

Who wants to miss such an amazing festival when there are a lot of interesting things going on?

Don’t skip thanksgiving. But why?

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Now that we know it is such an interesting time of the year here are five actual reasons for you to not miss this wonderful time:

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is a must

From music concerts to colorful balloon shows, from your favorite cartoon characters to your favorite childhood memories Macy’s thanksgiving parade has been bringing all the joys together that no one can resist.

  • You get time to spend with your family

Since everyone is getting busier at work it’s a good time to revive your social life and enjoy time with your loved ones. You can meet all of them at once without worrying about visiting them separately. Also, it feels really good when you help them prepare food or help them with decorations.

  • Best time to take a breath of peace

In our times when the majority of people are struggling with loneliness and stressed about work, it’s a good thing to take a break from your dull boring work routine. You feel rejuvenated and calm inside you after hours of laughter and enjoyment.

  • Tasty food that never ends


Besides turkey, there are countless side dishes that have been prepared for thanksgiving so you can taste so many delicious delicacies at once. Additionally, this food buffet does not end on the same day it continues for days and you can also store them in your fridge to enjoy them for a longer period of time.

But don’t forget 10 Healthy Eating Habits that we have talked about previously, I don’t want you to get sick or lazy.

  • Keeping the traditions alive

 As we learned that it is a traditional festival that represents a culture and has its roots way back in 1621. So, by celebrating it in its original style you can help keep the culture alive and tradition going on. Besides that it’s always good to be grateful for whatever you have in your life and thanksgiving is all about showing gratitude.

  • You can wear, eat or do what you want

There are no strict rituals and codes of conduct to follow. It’s a pretty casual festival on which you are not bound to do any specific routine. You can do what you want or skip what you don’t. You can dress formally or roam in your casuals,  it is totally up to you whatever you prefer.

  • It is not super commercialized

Unlike many other festivals and celebrations such as Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries, you don’t have to bother yourself by selecting gifts for everyone or spending bucks on expensive decorations. Yes, it’s always good to give gifts to your loved ones but again it is not a mandatory thing. 

  • It is fun to prepare for Black Friday

After or during Thanksgiving what comes is black Friday and nearly all good brands or outlets give discounts and offers on things as a symbol of gratitude towards their customers. So, if you are a shopaholic person you can grab some amazing deals on this occasion.

Sounds Great? Isn’t it?

Now that we have covered almost all of the benefits and good reasons we bet you will never want to skip another Thanksgiving ever. We advise you to take a break from your busy schedule and get yourself ready for a blast of enjoyment.

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